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Henry & Cincinnati Yaunt Bunn and their 10 children

Cincinnati "Nattie" Huffman Yant


Nattie experienced great sorrow in her life, losing three brothers in one day during the Civil War; two young children; and then her husband. After Henry's death, she wore black taffeta the rest of her life. But her granddaughter Annette Bunn remembered Nattie playing jumprope with her and her sisters, holding up her long skirts. She lived her final years with daughter Beulah in Tuscumbia, Ala., where she died in 1922.

Margaret Elizabeth Bunn


Henry and Nattie's first child was born in Tullahoma, Tenn., in 1860. However, she lived only five years, dying in Alabama. The place of Margaret Elizabeth's burial is not known.

Travis Ashby Bunn


Born in 1864, Travis was the first of the children to be born in the railroad town of Stevenson, Ala., and he became a  railroad conductor. But around 1890, he and his bride, Ola Mills, moved to Texas, and their first children, Flora Ola and Travis Bruce,  were born in San Antonio. The family settled in Laredo, where Vida, Jake, Odette, Henry Dee and Rosabell, also called "Rose," were born.  After a successful second career in real estate, Travis died in 1935.

William Henry Bunn Jr.


Henry's story is a tragic one, since he was murdered at age 40, leaving behind a wife and eight living children. Born  on Feb. 14, 1838, in Russellville, Ala., he served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Afterward, he opened a general store in Stephenson, Ala. There, on April 11, 1878, he was shot and killed by a drunken man.

Henry Moses Bunn


Henry Moses was born in Tennessee in 1861, and became a merchant like his father. He married Fay Irene Anderson in 1885 in Franklin Co., Tenn., and ran a store in Sherwood. Their youngest child, Paul Anderson Bunn, was killed in action in France on Armistice Day, Nov. 11, 1918.  Their other children were Claudia, Cecil, Flossie and Lorena. Henry died in April 1919.

Flora Minnie Bunn


Flora, born in 1866, married George Hearn, the son of English immigrants, in 1886. They lived in Nashville, Tenn., where George was a train dispatcher, and raised their children Travis Lee, Jessie Florence, George Jr. and Curry Bunn. Flora died in 1962.

Cincinnati "Nattie" Belle Bunn


Born March 28, 1869, Nattie Belle died on Aug. 28, 1870, in Stevenson. She is buried in the Stevenson City Cemetery, along with her parents.

Woody Yaunt Bunn Sr.


Like big brother Travis, Woody was a railroad conductor. He married Antoinette "Nettie" Pointer in 1897 at Courtland, Ala., though they lived in Stevenson for several years before following Travis to Laredo. While in Stevenson, they had Elizabeth, or "Jack," Katherine Alston, who died just shy of her second birthday, and Phyllis. In Laredo, they had Woody Jr., Antoinette "Annette" and Pattie Sue. Woody died in Laredo in 1958.

Margaret Geneva "Dollie" Bunn


Born in 1875, Dollie was such a tiny baby, her parents kept her in a dresser drawer instead of a crib. She married Thomas Wiley Woodard at 16, and  had three children: George, Velma and Virgil, who died from a tooth infection at only 8 years old. Dollie died in 1957 at her daughter's home in York, Ala.

Oscar Lee Bunn


Oscar was working as a railroad clerk in Chattanooga, Tenn., in 1900, five years after marrying Nannie Allison. Their only child, Estelle Florence, was born in 1897. He later became general manager of the Chattanooga Manufacturers Association. In 1917, he moved the  family to Birmingham, where he organized the Birmingham Traffic Association. He died there in 1938.

Beulah Alice Bunn


The ninth of 10 children, Beulah was 20 when she married John W. Curry in 1897. They soon moved from Stevenson to Tuscumbia, Ala., where "Mr. Curry," as she always called her husband, was a railroad engineer. They had no children. Mr. Curry died in 1945, and Beulah in 1957.

John Timberlake "Tim" Bunn


Tim was born after his father's death, on New Year's Day 1879. As a young man, he lived for a while with brother Oscar in Chattanooga before marrying Tommie McConnell and heading to California. They lived in Los Angeles, where their children -- Thomas McConnell, Margaret and John Timberlake Jr. -- were born.  He became prosperous as a produce merchant, and retired to Monterrey County, where he died in 1960.

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