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bunn & pointer kids.jpg

Bunn and Pointer children. The little fellow in the hat is Woody Y. Bunn Jr.

unknown girl bunn (2).jpg

An unidentified Bunn girl.

Bunn boys1 (2).jpg
bunn 50th 1.jpg

Nettie and Woody Bunn with four of their children on their 50th wedding anniversary. Phyllis is sitting in front. Behind Woody and Nettie are Jack, Woody Jr. and Annette.

bunn 50th.jpg
bunn 50th anniv.jpg

Nettie and Woody's 50th anniversary celebration in Laredo, TX. With them, starting from far left, are their children Pattie Sue, Annette, Woody Jr., Phyllis and Jack.

with nana bunn 62 1.jpg
with nana bunn 62 1 (3).jpg
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