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Flora Ola Bunn
Travis Bruce Bunn

Born in 1891 in San Antonio, Bruce lived in Laredo and made his career in real estate. He and wife Theodora Adelaide Gebhart had three children: Travis Ashby, Helen, and Forrester. Bruce died in 1961, and is buried in Laredo City Cemetery.

Travis and Ola's first child was born in San Antonio in 1889. She lived at home and taught school until she was 31, when she married Stephen E. Jackson, an electrical engineer. Their daughter, Vida, was born in Laredo in 1921. They spent most of their married life in northwest Arkansas, finally settling in Lawton, Okla. Flora died in 1951.

Henry was born in Laredo in 1908, and moved to Freer in 1934. He married Clara Madelyn Ward, and had two daughters: Clara Dee and "Peggy" Odette. He died in Freer on June 10, 1976, and is buried in Laredo.

Born in Laredo in 1905, Odette married Howard Warren Moore. They had a son, Pat Howard Moore, in 1930. Her husband died in 1935, and Odette later married James Martin. She died in Houston in December 2001.

Henry Dee Bunn
Odette Evelyn Bunn
Travis Ashby Bunn
Vida Henrietta Bunn
Jake Mills Bunn

Born in 1899 in Laredo, Texas, Vida first married Oscar George Johnson, with whom she had daughter Winona. Oscar died in 1944, and Vida later married Jerry Snell Baldwin and moved to Michigan. She died in Warren, Mich., in 1989.

Jake was born in Laredo in 1902, later living in Cuero, Texas, and Victoria, Texas. Jake married Florence Calhoun, and was an office manager for Lone Star Distributing Co. He died in Victoria in 1969.

Rosabell, born in Laredo in 1913, married a Virginian named William Freeman "Monk" Houser, and had a son, William Freeman "Willie" Houser Jr. She died in Houston in 1978. Although Monk was older, he outlived her by eight years, dying in Corpus Christi, Texas, in 1986. Willie died in Dallas in 1984 at age 47, leaving behind a wife and two children.

Rosabell "Rose" Bunn

Travis & Ola Mills Bunn's family

Ola Winona Mills
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