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Brothers Travis Ashby Bunn, left, and Woody Yaunt Bunn Sr.

Woody Yaunt Bunn Sr.

Oscar Lee Bunn

Tom McConnell Bunn, son of John Timberlake Bunn and Tommie McConnell,  at 8 months old. He was born in 1904.

Oscar Bunn's wife, Nannie Allison Bunn, and daughter, Florence Estelle Bunn.

Nettie Pointer Bunn with possibly grandchild Annette Brooks.

Antoinette Susan Bunn, daughter of Nettie and Woody Bunn, about 1 year old (circa 1914).

Cincinnati "Nattie" Yant, at 84 years old. She was referred to by her descendants as "Mother Bunn" and "Mammy Bunn."

Little Oscar Lee Bunn

John Wiley Bunn Sr.

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